A Girl on Her Own

Have you ever wondered why you’re still single?

Being on your own is a unique journey!

It’s one we should cherish, but unfortunately most of us try to end it before it can even begin. Let’s face it, we don’t like being alone! In a culture that favors couple-dom, living without a partner can sometimes leave us feeling out of sync with society or “less than” – maybe even unworthy of love.

We wonder: What is wrong with me? Why does love seem so hard to find?

I’m here to tell you that NOTHING is wrong. Instead, being on your own is a unique opportunity to explore who you are as an individual – if you choose to take the challenge. If you dare to accept time periods alone, no matter how long or short, there are some pretty sweet and valuable lessons to learn about life, about others, and about yourself that can take place in the time between relationships.

If you decide to explore life on your own for a while, I’ll be right here to help along the way!  Simply follow this blog and you’ll get weekly posts that:

  • Share ideas to help you discover a new and beautiful you that isn’t dependent on others to determine your value or worth.
  • Offer tips and advice on how to get the most out of your alone time.
  • Inspire you with adventures that can happen anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Being single doesn’t mean not having fun!
  • Explore what it means to choose self-love first and romantic love second.
  • Identify blockages to experiencing more love in your life.
  • Inspire you to live the fullest life possible, even if you’re on your own.
  • Help you tap into your own creativity as a means of fulfillment and joy.

Tracy 13_pp

What if the love you’re looking for had already found you?

Believe it or not, sometimes being single is a chance for us to realize this important truth.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves in this life is to prioritize our own self-worth, self-love, self-care, and self discovery – to learn to esteem ourselves highly, and to recognize our beauty on our own terms – all things that lead to better, stronger more fulfilling relationships in the long run.

If you have a story you want to share here that could help other women on their solo journey, message me, please. I’d love to include it in this blog.

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-Tracy, a girl on her own