Exploring Ancient Ruins, Mineral de Pozos, MX

If you are in or around the central regions of Mexico, a day trip to Mineral de Pozos and the ruins of the old mining town near there are a must-see. From San Miguel de Allende where I’m staying with friends the drive was an hour and fifteen minutes. The road up to the ruins has been improved for tourists and makes an easy drive right into the old mining town. You can purchase one of two tours: an inexpensive walking tour on your own, exploring the stone ruins, or a complete guided tour including entrance into the mines.

We opted for the less expensive walking tour on our own and had plenty of time for taking fun photos of each other 🙂 It was a gorgeous day. The skies were crystalline blue and the air, so crisp and clean. Being at a higher altitude brought a nice breeze as we explored.

If you’ve ever walked among ruins from days gone by, you might remember the odd feelings of creepiness that hang in there air from others who once lived in and among the rubble. That’s why some people call Pozos a ghost town. However, we didn’t see any ghosts.

But what we did see were the remains of an advanced civilization that had built large stone cisterns for holding water, a system for moving that water throughout the main buildings and deeply dug mines that were, by the way, completely open and dangerous. If you have kids with you…beware!

So much of the stone buildings remain intact which is a testament to the quality of their masonry and sound architectural design. Everything but the roofs, which must have been made of wood that rotted away, is still standing.

Moving to the edges of the ruins, off in the distance you can see the remains of a large stone wall that must have surrounded the gold mining town, protecting it from intruders.

After exploring the abandoned mining town, head into Mineral de Pozos and have a bite to eat or a beer, or both. It is a small mexican town trying to rebuild its infrastructure so that it can be a destination for tourists. You can see their efforts and it’s inspiring.

I will warn you however, if you have a soft spot for animals, beware…they have a large population of stray or homeless dogs all over town, either sleeping in the street, or begging for food. I’m not even a dog lover, per se…more of a cat person, and it broke my heart. The hardest to see were the mama dogs, full milk teats, out looking for something to eat. I hope the town can get a vet to come in and spay/neuter stray dogs for free. Any takers?

Like I said, if you love visiting ruins, add this one to your bucket list. You won’t be disappointed!

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