Self Comfort = Self-Love

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I’m not surprised to learn when someone feels uncomfortable with themselves. It’s such a common experience these days: women who describe not feeling comfortable in their own skin…or their own lives. So many women feel as if they’ve been swept up by chance and ended up someplace totally foreign.

Feeling comfortable with yourself requires

  • Accepting yourself and all you’ve said and done up until now
  • Having compassion for your past decisions
  • Realizing your own goodness despite your fears
  • Loving yourself from the inside out.

Becoming comfortable with who you are and why you’re here doesn’t just happen to anyone. You have to turn your attention to your inner desires and develop some pride in the things you want and need in your life. Don’t be ashamed. We all have different wants and needs. Yours are valid and sacred. Learn to make choices based on what your heart and soul desire.



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