Take Me As I Am

self-love, self-acceptance, empowerment, singleOur self-Love begins with self-acceptance. There is no other way to get there. Each and every one of us must make a conscious commitment to love and care for our hearts. We must declare ourselves enough already.

We have to be the first to say when our circumstances aren’t conducive to self-love and make a change for our own good.

Self-care is a subset of self-love, not the same thing. We have to choose ourselves over others sometimes – more often than you’d think. Knowing when to draw the line is a self-care skill.

We have to make time for the things that bring us joy. We have to make it clear to the people around us that these things matter to our mental health.

We have to allow every aspect of ourselves to flourish into expression.

Just for today know that you are always enough.

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