Take All the Time You Need

“Do you really want it or are you just talking about it?”

I saw this question the other day on Facebook and it really irked me. That veiled inquiry is a tactic used to shame you into buying a program (or book) designed to tell you how it (i.e. your life) should be done. I see similar words in varying degrees all the time on social media.

And here’s my advice instead:

Take all the time you need.

Don’t listen when someone suggests you’re not doing it right.

Don’t listen when they challenge how bad you want it. Or your timeline, or level of motivation.

Don’t let others, either in person or via your online community, shame you into believing you should be anywhere or doing anything other than where you are, doing what you’re doing right now. You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone…not even yourself – if you’re a critic in that way.

hippie girlLet’s dispel the myth that any of us should be anything by now.

Take all the time you need to become who you are meant to be.

Take all the time you need to learn about and develop the gifts you came to share.

There is no race. Everyone is on a different timeline for their unique specific journey. Don’t compare yours with anyone else’s path. Don’t get distracted or confused by others telling you what to do, how, and when. You know the truth about yourself. Live it one step at a time. Don’t rush. Don’t worry.

Sometimes detours along the way are necessary…

to heal old wounds or to develop the courage we’ll need to fully embrace who we came to be. Don’t judge yourself for needing a time out every now and then. Stay away from people, both in-person and online, who don’t encourage you to honor your journey and go at your own pace. You know where you’re going. You’re not falling behind. You’re right on time.

Be inspired if you want, but refuse to be shamed or ridiculed. We’ve all had enough of that already. How quickly we manifest our dreams isn’t the point. We’re meant to learn about ourselves along the way. We’re meant to uncover our fears and reveal our authentic beauty. Living fully into our lives takes time. We don’t need to rush.

Challenge yourself, yes, but…

let it be in pursuit of your personal transformation not to hurry up and fit in with an expectation of physical conformity or societal success. You cannot succeed at being anything other than who you are meant to be. You cannot live anyone’s life but your own. Who you are is significant!!

Take all the time you need to craft a life you can love…according to your own dreams and desires.

Take all the time you need to figure that out.

a girl on her own, single women over 40

~A Girl on Her Own, Tracy

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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