Another Pass-through, St. Joseph, MI

Just like last time, we only had a few hours in St. Joseph, MI.

It seems every time we come here, we’re on our way to somewhere else. It’s never our actual destination. I love this little town so why do we keep only tasting it a little? One of these times, I’m going to have to make it a point to stick around for a while.

Ariel was travelling with me and we had only an hour before sunset when we rolled into town. Our destination? Silver Harbor Brewing Compay in the heart of St. Joe.

We’d googled this restaurant on the drive up. And after a hard day’s work serving brunch in Indy before leaving, we were ready to relax. The food and atmosphere were pretty good. The only thing that would have made this stop better would have been if it was located on the water with a view of this sunset we took in after dinner. You can see the dome of the carousel with the lake just behind it…so romantic!


After our brief night walk, we drove to our Airbnb which was a little out in the country, just a simple place to rest with nice hosts. In the morning, we got up, showered and headed back into St. Joe for coffee at Cafe Tosi, an Italian cafe we spotted the night before. This place is busy and it seems that a lot of locals make this a daily diversion.

After coffee, we had time for a walk on the beach before getting back on the road toward Manistee. The beach in this area is super nice and I saw I house for sale right across the street. Dang! I wouldn’t mind living there. What an awesome view I would have!

We had another three hours to go and the drive through Michigan is always beautiful. We gave ourselves permission to stop if we saw something interesting and we did. We were both intrigued by this “gypsy” wagon and pulled over to look at the tables of antiques surrounding it. Most of the stuff had been left out in the weather so long it was ruined. So we got back in the car and drove on not disappointed. It’s always fun to stop and look when you have the time, maybe sign a petition to help a guy keep doing what he loves.

Next time St. Joe, I promise to stay a while longer.

Tracy, A Girl on Her Own

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