Yoga Flashmob, Nashville, IN

Yoga Flashmob. That’s just what they called it since no one got a permit to hold an event in a public space. “We’ll all just show up and do yoga in the shelter.” They said. And it might have been appropriate had anyone been around to see us. But it was just us on a cool and cloudy morning in Nashville, IN

My friend Gina, from across the street told me about it a few weeks back and asked me and another neighbor, Marcia if we wanted to make a road trip to Nashville just for a yoga class and we both said yes!! And then the idea of getting lunch after was thrown on the table, sweetening the deal. This is a picture of the three of us soon after arriving from our hour-and-a-half road trip to get there.

IMG_2413 (1)I didn’t really know what to expect from the class since I didn’t know the instructor. She had been a friend of Gina’s since they were three years old! As you can see, it’s been a lifetime and then some!!! Patty used to teach the yoga classes in Nashville for years before she moved out to Taos, NM. So a lot of the people who showed up for the “flashmob” were former students of hers and excited to see her again.

yoga nashville

In no time we’d reached the limit of the small shelter and students were lining up on the sidewalk and damp grass outside.

I’d never met Patty before but fell in love right away with her easy-going accepting style of teaching yoga. She continually reminded her class to breath and check in with certain parts of their body. She was funny and would crack jokes and use metaphors from her trip and life that were easy to relate to. I could see why so many people turned out to see her and take this one class on a Wednesday morning in August.

yoga nashville2

When the class was over a handful of us walked to the Bird’s Nest for brunch. It’s a cute eclectic cafe in the midst of the art and craft stalls of this small Southern Indiana town. Next month when the trees begin to change into their fall colors, the streets will be full of tourists and getting a table at the Bird’s Nest won’t be easy!

IMG_2415 (1)

I had never been there and since the morning weather was nice, I was kind of hoping we could sit outside. As you can see it’s so cute and the gardens a little overgrown and wild that surround the tables make for a nice natural setting. I’m a sucker for al fresco dining if the atmosphere is right!

IMG_2418 (1)

However, those who got there first had already secured us a table inside. Perhaps another time…another trip. The food and service there were great. Over breakfast, ten of us from the class all sat around listening to stories of the old times and about Patty’s new life in Taos which sounded wonderful and very different from our Indiana experiences.

Overall it was a great trip and I was really glad I said yes to traveling more than an hour to take a morning yoga class with an old friend of a friend. Now I have a new friend.

IMG_2411 (1)

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