Harmony Headlands State Park

On our recent Cali Road Trip, we included a lot of hiking destinations. One of the first was Harmony Headlands State Park,  a little spot along the Pacific Coast Highway you might miss if you weren’t looking for it. What makes it a really interesting hike is we parked 1.5 miles from the coast and hiked across beautiful meadows and hills teeming with wildlife and then emerged at the coast.


The hike is easy, even for a novice hiker like myself. Wildflowers lead the way up a well-cared for path that curves gently up and over a hill, past giant eucalyptus trees to the sea.

Once we arrived at the coast, we walked along the cliff wall while waves crashed against the rocks below us. Once we made it to the end of the state property, we decided to climb down the rocks to explore some strange looking plants (see the white tubes in pics below).

It was a little scary climbing around on the rocks because they were slippery and every time a wave washed over the rocks, I feared one of them would just knock us right off. But we made it down to the rocks below and found a jelly fish, some bird’s nests that I suspect were sparrows of some type and a cool heart stone!

Walking back, I took more pictures of the flowers, a ground squirrel and a snake. We also saw rabbits and lizards, but couldn’t catch any in pictures.

There are hundreds of hiking spots along the Pacific Coast Highway and in California in general, but some of the lesser known ones often offer up some of the best surprises. This was one of our favorites!


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