You Mean the World to Me

mean the world to me

“You Mean the World to Me…” When we are in relationship, it’s easy to lose track of who we are. Over the years, actions always take precedence over the words we say and hear.

We expect our lovers to “show” us what we mean to them. We believe in a standard, a set of criteria indicated by certain actions which will prove they love or care about us. Sadly, our standards can’t be any higher than the limits we place on our value.

On the flip side, we also try to prove we care with words and actions. This reciprocal demonstration of value is something we expect in love and in partnership. But what we don’t consider is that although it seems logical and everyone subscribes to it, the concept has huge drawbacks.

When we look to someone else for what we mean to them, we’re also allowing someone else to define what we mean as a human being.

In a much bigger sense, our “meaning” is akin to the value we have in the world. And we’re freely giving that to someone else to decide. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to someone saying, “You mean the world to me.” It’s a nice sentiment. But once we’ve agreed to allow someone else’s words and actions determine what we “mean,” then we’re pretty much screwed.

Please be brave enough to appreciate the words without getting caught up in what they mean. You are and always will be the determiner of your own value.


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