What is Passion, really?

I was the first to arrive for the blind date. I texted S. that I was sitting outside at the coffee shop. I’d already bought a coffee and was enjoying “people watching” while I waited. Right on time S. arrived and introduced himself. He bought a drink inside and we got down to the business of getting to know each other.

After about ten questions, I could tell…he was not for me. And the reason was simple; he had no passion. It was hard for me to pinpoint exactly at the time what he said, or didn’t say, other than there was nothing in his voice to indicate that he enjoyed the life he was living!

For me, passion is the driving force behind everything I do. It would be crazy to date anyone who didn’t express their passion.

I think a lot of people are confused about what passion really is. If you’ve ever been on a dating website, one of their popular questions is: what are you passionate about? So many people respond to this question that they’re passionate about their kids. It makes me think: well, you LOVE your kids but passion is something else entirely!

For example…

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a brand new foodie event in South Broad Ripple: The BBQ wars, 12 passionate chefs from around town entered the “competition” to prepare and serve the BEST BBQ dish they could concoct. Attendees paid a fee to sample their best offering and then vote on a winner.

Here are some pics of some of the amazing barbeque dishes we got to taste:

What I learned in talking to the various chefs and their assistants (who slaved all day in the hot sun to prepare and serve their creations) is that passion is something both tangible and mysterious. Passion is the expression of someone’s love. It can take almost any form…like preparing, cooking and serving a signature dish, or creating a website for a client, or even building a house. Passion is a person’s love being shaped into a form that can be shared with others.

Anyone can have passion within, but the real joy in life is finding the courage to allow your passion to be revealed. It was tough for me to put my finger on it during the “blind date,” but now I know why I thought S. had no passion. I just couldn’t see or experience love coming out of him for anything we discussed. There was no excitement, no thrill. Perhaps he has it hidden somewhere. One day maybe he’ll get up the courage to share it.

As always, thanks for reading:  Comment below if you like…What’s your passion? How do you express it? Or how would you like to express it if you could?




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