Sitting on the Dock of the Bay: Lemon Bay, Englewood, Florida

Englewood2017 429It’s still early enough in the day when the sun slants sideways across the water, sparking glitter this way and that. That, and the perpetual breeze off the water makes the dock the perfect spot to sit in the morning with my coffee at hand and write.

If you’re even the least bit creative, you may have a type of place where creativity just seems to flow unimpeded. For me it’s a quiet spot near water, an ambience of light and sound that’s soothing and makes me feel at home, a little more myself.

Here, I feel free to be and do whatever I need. Here, I feel like love.

Our desires to create, in whatever form that takes, painting, writing, singing, sketching, dancing, planting, growing, you name it, is an outpouring of the divine and worthy of our taking the time to create a special environment for its expression.

What does your creative energy look like?

Where do you feel most at home expressing it?

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