Share the Love: Lovers Key, Ft. Myers, FL

Lovers Key State Park between Bonita Springs and Fort Myers Beach Florida is a 712 acre State Park and home to a wide diversity of Florida wildlife. Mist and rain and wind started in the morning and our beach plans turned to hiking (more or less). My daughter Ariel and I initially took the boardwalk down to the beach to search for shells, but the wind was so strong that we opted to walk the 2-mile Black Island trail around the bay instead. Despite the alligator warnings posted nearly everywhere, we set off down the foot path with water bottles and oranges in hand.


The trail was nearly empty due to earlier rains and wind, but in a way it was perfect – easier to stop and enjoy things along the way without feeling like we were holding anyone else up.
Less traffic on the trail also meant that the gopher turtles were coming out of their holes in the ground. An endangered species in Florida, getting a chance to see two of them that day was a treat. They dig generous holes in the ground where they live and can hide from danger.
In much of Florida, palm trees are groomed to get rid of the dead fronds, but if you see one left alone, you realize that the dead growth remains on the tree a long time creating an entire ecosystem where birds, lizards and insects make their homes. It’s quite cool.
We share our lives with many different people, but some we walk with for a very long time. That’s the experience with have with our children and they with us.

There’s a feeling of joy we get when we share the things we love with someone else. When we spot something interesting and exclaim, “look at that” and our excitement is returned to us. What happens in that moment is our love for beauty and life multiplies. In essence our sense of Good expands. We discover our love by sharing it – the things we most treasure.

When you have someone with whom that shared excitement for life can be sustained without faking or obligation, that’s a true gift, so treasure it.

Thanks for taking a little bit of the journey with me.

– girl on her own (plus 1)

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