Sweet Solo Sundays: why they’re so important

Every now and then it happens; I wake up on a Sunday morning without a single thing on my agenda. I might have chores to do, but I’m not feeling like work at all! A day like this can go one of two ways – I can feel bummed that I have to spend an entire Sunday alone, or I can make the most of it – one of the toughest things for someone who is single.

We sometimes think of Sundays as the perfect day for couples. It’s a day when most people aren’t working and can spend an afternoon doing things they like together, but not everyone has a partner all the time. A lot of my single friends feel the same; that its’ not as much fun going out alone. If we think about it too much we might even convince ourselves that it won’t be any fun at all!

But going on a solo Sunday afternoon adventure can be a great opportunity to just be yourself without feeling like you have to please anyone else. Alone, we get  to experiment, explore and develop our own likes, dislikes, preferences, and get in touch with our true desires.

Last Sunday I made up my mind to enjoy the prettiest day we’d had in a long time. I made some calls around 11am to see if any of my girlfriends were available, but by noon, when I still hadn’t heard from any of them, I decided to get dressed up and go out on my own. I started by putting on a fresh summer dress –  something I loved –  not to impress anyone but to feel pretty for myself. I picked a place I’d been interested in exploring and headed out on my own..

I’d been eyeing these new indie shops in SoBro. The Agrarian, a homestead supply store that specializes in beekeeping and poultry supplies for the urban homesteader. Next door was the Junkyard Goddess that sells art and gifts, candles and some repurposed decor. Both fun stores to explore.
I strolled across the street to check out Locally Grown Gardens. I’d seen it so many times and always wanted to stop in. It’s a fresh market and used bookstore where they also prepare lunch and desserts. Perfect place to hang out for extended periods of time!
I bought a grapefruit seltzer and a pear. I sat outside enjoying the sun trying not to feel too weird about being alone! I eavesdropped on a couple behind me who were obviously on a first date as he was doing all the talking -basically telling his life story while she responded, really, and wow, and that’s interesting…
Then I took myself downtown where I met up with a girlfriend for a leisurely walk on the Canal. We only had 40 minutes together so we caught up on each other’s lives immersed in a sea of lazy Sunday revelers.
On to Tinker Street and a table for one – one water, one champagne toast, and one empty chair …over there. I arrived just as the restaurant was opening. They weren’t busy yet so several of the wait staff came over and talked to me so I wouldn’t feel alone; it was so sweet!
The squash noodle pad thai came highly recommended and I wasn’t disappointed.
Dessert? Yes! S’more Pot de Crème

Treating ourselves to the experiences that we sometimes believe are only for the “coupled,” can reduce our feelings of frustration about being single.

Giving to ourselves fun times reminds us that our OKness is not dependant on being in a partnership. We need to really appreciate our own company at times to affirm our self worth so we don’t go into relationships looking only for that.

And if that weren’t enough, going out alone gets you out into the world and into places where you’ll more likely meet someone who enjoys the people, places and experiences you appreciate too!

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